Monday, July 27, 2020

New Release: DUST & TIME

I am posting this to reveal the final cover art for Dust & Time (see below) and to say four things about my newest book:

1) Dust & Time is about an undead serial killer who is determined to seal his legacy. 

2) Dust & Time checks in with Constable Riley Saunders, the main character from Folklore. Ever since finishing that book, I've wondered what happened to her. How do you move on from ridding your community of a raging werewolf lawyer? You don't need to have read Folklore to understand Dust & Time. With the exception of Riley's presence, the two stories are not at all connected.

3) There is a plague in this book. It's not our present situation, and for the most part, it lingers in the background and has little to do with the main story. But it's there.

4) For the first time, I skipped out on designing my own cover. I usually enjoy this. But I had a specific idea for Dust & Time that was (apparently) beyond me. So I scrapped that idea and contacted a talented gentleman named Neil Fraser. He produced the most eye-catching cover that any of my novels have yet seen (again, see below), and I'm very grateful.

I hope you'll read and enjoy Dust & Time

(Anybody interested in review copies, please let me know. I’d like to send out a few.)

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